Translation Prices for translation work are commonly calculated based on the number of words or lines in the source text in order to allow for planning and budget considerations. However, due to the wide variety in texts and the resulting effort required, I cannot provide a fixed rate per word for translations. I am more than happy to prepare a free binding quote for you based on your specific text. Please note that this only applies to texts in editable file formats – for non‑editable files, I will have to estimate the number of lines and can therefore only offer a non-binding quote.
Proofreading and editing EUR 35 per hour
Prices can be calculated based on the number of words or lines on request.
English language teaching Individual lessons: EUR 30 per 45 minutes
Up to 15 participants: EUR 50 per 45 minutes
16 to 30 participants: EUR 75 per 45 minutes

All prices given excluding VAT. Please note that all prices cover only the basic service. Additional costs may arise from specifically requested teaching materials, travel costs (EUR 0.30 per kilometer), rush fees, formatting work, image translations, etc.